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My Story

2015 was the year I got fed up with feeling inadequate. I did my best in getting to work on time, to be there! mentally and to be efficient but I just couldn`t do it anymore. After 14 years working life and 2 certificates of apprenticeship I had to realize that perhaps this was no longer for me.
For a long time, I had wanted more, more time to do fun stuff like traveling, skiing, exercising and spending time with the kids while they are still young.
For a long time, I had been wanting more pay, I got more pay by changing work environment several times but always at the cost of something else.
at the cost of a good nights sleep, alt the cost of spare time, at the cost of time spent commuting, a good lunch, an actual toilet at work and colleagues I knew and trusted.

Several opportunities were considered and tried in the past. The web is full of amazing opportunities promising millions in pay without any work involved. I lost some hundred $ on opportunities like that when I was younger and I wasn`t about to do the same mistake all over.
Blogging, Youtube, paid surveys and freelancing are all good opportunities but not for very many people.

I came across a job-ad that seemed somehow different from the rest.
"work from home via social media, manage your own working hours. Incentives, bonuses, paid car, free travel and leadership training in a positive environment"
"We prefer if you contact us, alternatively you can leave your name and number and we will call you"

Wow! this looked promising I thought. There was no chance I was gonna let it slide so I phoned them immediately and arranged a meeting the next day.
From then the snowball has just kept on going, starting up were free, not only was it free but I earned around 350 $ by getting started.  
My income from Oktober 2015 until the end of December 2015 was about 1400 $, that is 466 $ /month earned from the comfort of my home in my spare time. 
I was hooked